Rent regulations

The hirers of bicycles or other vehicles of any kind undertake to behave in accordance with the following regulations and to give their full consent thereto:

  • The hirer must comply with the regulations and road traffic laws in force.
  • The landlord declines all responsibility for possible accidents and subsequent consequences, as well as damage caused by the tenant to third parties, public or private property.
  • The renter is responsible for the rented equipment, whether in case of accident, damage, trespass or theft. The repair costs, loss of enjoyment and depreciation caused by his fault, carelessness or negligence are at the tenant's expense.
    In the event of loss, theft or a case of total damage, the hirer shall have to pay compensation equivalent to the market value of the vehicle on the day of the event.
  • The renter is deemed to have checked the vehicle upon departure and to have found it in impeccable condition. All damages shall be paid immediately to the lessor.
  • It is strictly forbidden:
    • Driving up and down the kerb.
    • Colliding with the vehicles; against each other, third parties or any other public or private property.
    • Carrying more people than the seats provided.
    • To ride on the beach, in mud or in the dunes.
    • A fee of at least 25 euros will be charged if any of the above is found.
    • In the event of abuse and/or misconduct, the rental company has the right to demand the immediate return of the vehicle without repayment of the rental fee.
    • The renter shall not make the vehicle available to third parties under any circumstances.
    • Prepaid rent is not recoverable under any circumstances, it is considered acquired by the landlord.
    • Only the courts of Bruges are competent to rule on any disputes.

Bike hire Mike

Mike Bike Rental is located at Zeedijk-Albertstrand 460. Between the Knokse casino and the RBSC sailing club of Duinbergen (De Wandelaar).

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